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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine

Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions:

This is good news… I like red wine, not that I drink it all that much as it is also a blood thinner. It’s nice to know it has benefits.

Originally posted on TIME:

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Tipping back a glass of red wine can do much more than help you relax after a long day. There’s scientific evidence that, in limited quantities (defined by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as up to one 5-ounce glass for women and up to two 5-ounce glasses for men), red wine can also have surprising health benefits. Here, we’ve outlined some of the most compelling reasons to fill up your glass—as if you needed an excuse.

(MORE: 3 Easy Hacks to Get Healthier at Work)

1. Promotes longevity. Researchers at Harvard Medical School confirmed that resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of red grapes, may provide anti-aging benefits by stimulating the production of a protein that protects the body from diseases caused by aging. A 2007 study in the Journals of Gerontology supports the anti-aging claims: Over a 29-year period…

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EL-204 by Lucian Barnes Science Gone Amok

Originally posted on debb's reads:


by Lucian Barnes

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 24, 2014

Jason Lambert, a prominent M.I.T. geneticist, fear of natural death has become
a thing of distant memories. His latest concoction has, in a sense, increased
his longevity and made him nearly immortal. 

Over the past one hundred years, the technological advances of medical science
have rendered the deadliest diseases of the twentieth-century insignificant.
Cancer, heart disease, and AIDS are no longer a death sentence. Serums have
been developed to eradicate the problematic cells and their growth.

When he meets a beautiful woman, his world is turned upside down. Add to this
the government’s sudden interest in his research and things begin to spiral
out of control. We all know what happens when the military gets involved. Greed
takes over, and ethics are pushed to their boundaries. Will Jason be able to
juggle his responsibilities without compromising his…

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Seditious – Coming Soon

Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions:

I Love this Series…. Seditious is an Awesome Installment. Can’t wait for #5 Ransom. Emily is a fantastic write….

Originally posted on A Mixed Bag:

Last year, I had the privilege to receive a book my Emily Guido. I found her blog and her books looked interesting. They were about a Light-Bearer and Blood-Hunter. They are Angels and Demons. Having read all three books, I was enthralled, and caught up in them. There are enough twists in it to keep you wondering what is coming and how it will plan out. With surprises aplenty.

Take a look at my review of Charmeine, the first book in the series.

Then I reviewed Mactus.

The third book is Accendo.

 Soon, the fourth book, Seditious is coming out soon. If you want to catch up on what the story is before the release, then here are the links to the books on Amazon. The image is for the UK Amazon, and the link below is the US Amazon.

mactus Light-Bearer #2

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Amazing Writer

Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions:

One of my FAVORITE Series… Mysterious and heartfelt. You are a remarkable author Emily Guido


Originally posted on silentlyheardonce:

I am so excited for my friend Emily Guido, she published three books called the Light-Bearer Series. Which did very well  on Amazon. Well of course she did the books are fantastic.  The first book Charmeine  introduces us to Tabbruis. A handsome and rich man with a mysterious yet commanding persona.  For some reason he’s drawn to New York. He moves into the Ritz-Carlton and hires Shane to be his assistant. Shane is the best friend of Charleen who doesn’t remember much of her past.  These three lives become entwined after a Billy Joel concert at Jones Beach. The three of them  have a connection that you will have to  read to learn about.  All I will share with you is that one character is a Light Bearer and the other is a Blood Hunter. They are immortal enemies but the power of love conquers all or does it. The…

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PIMPIN': FEATURED AUTHOR SHARES FOR Tuesday, 10/28/14 from #onehouseunited



‪#‎vamp‬ ‪#‎kindleunlimited‬
Sleepers, Wake! 
In a dead world a dream of hope takes human form.

‪#‎chbb‬ #kindleunlimited
NEW RELEASE FROM: Felicia Starr 
Breaking The Darkness series
Betrayed – Book 2
Fates can be changed when you let destiny become your guide..

Book #1
Book #1.5

#hip #kindleunlimited
Bittermoon (Book one of the Fallow Moon series)
18+ read
Eternity, like love, may not be so eternal after all.

#hip #kindleunlimited
NEW RELEASE FROM: Lillian MacKenzie Rhine
The King’s Wizard 
18+ Arthur thought being King was his final test but Merlin has another task in mind.

#hip #kindleunlimited
The Demon Feeds
Compassion is a strange emotion for a demon to have.

#hip #kindleunlimited
Heart of the Matter: Queens of Kings Book 1 
18+ “She may be the law, but he’s her enforcer.”

#chbb #kindleunlimited
Waking the Phoenix
Is their love strong enough to survive the flames otf the phoenix?

#chbb #kindleunlimited
Find your wings and start the adventure today! 
Hidden Wings (Book 1):
Descent (Novella 1.5)
Broken Wings (Book 2):
Tethered Wings (Book 3):

#vamp #kindleunlimited
Midnight Roads (Fresh Blood #1)
Wooden stakes are so out of date.

#hip #kindleunlimited
Dead Girl
18+ Vampire Erotica Like You’ve Never Seen Before. l

#hip #kindleunlimited
Invicta series
18+ What is your sanctuary?
Salvation- Book 1
On sale for .99cents 18+ for a limited time!

#hip #kindleunlimited
ALL four books are now available in ONE collection! 
‪#‎hellhound‬ ‪#‎bookstofilm‬‪#‎lovebites‬ #kindleunlimited‪#‎SuperSale‬
Get book one on audio! ——->

#hip #kindleunlimited
Pulse ( A Little Sex & Magic Series)
18+ When mixing sex and magic, you better know who to trust and where to run….
Book 1:

#hip #kindleunlimited
Running With The Devil (The Purgatory Series)
18+ They say true love never dies. In some cases, that can be a bad thing.
Book 1:
Book 2:

#hip #kindleunlimited
Fetish Fairy Tales
18+ Naughty ever after


Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing Website

Hot Ink Press Website

Vamptasy Publishing Website


Happy Reading!


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See Adorable Puppies Shaking Their Fur

Originally posted on TIME:

Shake Puppies by photographer Carli Davidson features more than 60 puppies as they adorably flop around ringing out their fuzzy fur.

The photographs crisply capture the puppies mid-shake, revealing the almost surreal range of motions that normally only exist as a blur to the naked eye, while the brightly colored backgrounds help provide a sharp contrast to the puppies’ motions.

Who knew shaking puppies could be so cute?

Shake Puppies is on sale Oct. 28.

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Cover Reveal: The Christian’s Kisses Series

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Originally posted on H.N. Sieverding:

My publisher let me redesign the covers for my Christian’s Kisses series, which is awesome.  I’m grateful to SCP for being flexible and giving me the opportunity to use my own designs.  It’s another reason why I love my publisher.  SCP has an awesome cover artist, so the originals are good too.  But, as a designer, I just wanted to add my own touch.

I think I’ve made the the perfect Christian, and am super excited about Initiation’s new cover.  I adore it.  But what do you think?  Do you like the new or old covers?  I love opinions, so feel free to leave one ;)




Here are the original covers

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