A Call For Help

This blog post explains it best. I will not be taking one cent from his release for October and November but will donate the royalties to Kristine Cheney in Monique’s honor.



New Release: Journey by Claudy Conn


An excerpt from Journey

Damn, hot damn, but that absent glance turned into a stare as I nearly knocked over an entire shelf of infant sweaters. What have we here?
I am never bowled over by a good-looking man. I have always needed more, but one look at this hottie, and my eyebrows went up and my heart started thumping. I know, crazy. What happened next was not really something I was immediately able to control. Hormones are like that, you know. I felt them start marching to a fervent beat, and my throat went dry.
Everything about him was ‘money and power,’ which wasn’t unusual, as we run a very high-end children’s clothing store that features handmade items and custom-made clothing. Our customers are wealthy, and we even get our fair share of celebrities—again, due to Betty’s contacts. Even so, I discovered my usual calm completely blown apart.

He wore a smile that was more a cool smirk, and it boldly shouted, I’ve got it all, and I don’t care. I am rarely intimidated by this sort, and yet, there I was, right from my head to my toes, ready to hide and watch him from a hidden corner. Absolutely ridiculous.
I tried to turn away, but not before I took another survey and put him down to memory. I liked the way his thick, blue-black hair was styled in layers of shiny waves, some of which fell across his forehead and over his ears. I swallowed as my appraisal then determined that not only was he very tall—well over six feet—but he also had strong, football-man shoulders. All at once, I was oddly reminded of Wolverine, predatory and more than capable.

He was dressed in an expensive black sports jacket over what looked like a gray silk T-shirt. His black pants were also silky and hung over his hips in masculine lines. His green eyes opened wide and held a glint of something undefined as he looked me over, and I felt my cheeks suddenly burn. Did I say undefined? That’s not right. Those green eyes said, Bed … going to take you to bed.


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With or without you . . . from ACCENDO, the 3rd book in The Light-Bearer Series by Emily Guido

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This is an AMAZING and HEARTFELT series. One of my favorites. Emily has such a beautiful way with words that blew me away

Originally posted on "The Light-Bearer Series" ~ by Emily Guido:

tumblr_m5vx1cY0yQ1qlnm34o2_250 11“I am sorry, Charmeine, for so many things it is hard to express them all, but I am going to try.”

He took a big breath, and looked in her eyes. “I am sorry for not supporting you. I am sorry for not believing in you. I am sorry for not having faith in you. I am sorry Charmeine. If you let me show you, for the rest of my life until the end of time, I will never doubt you again.”

“Tabbruis, I can’t do this now.”

“Please let me finish.” He gently held her chin, looked into her eyes and declared, “Charmeine you are my life. You are my light. If you go back to Long Island…”

blonde-girl-at-the-beach-0bce43314f93973413977acb3324aef41She walked to the terrace stone wall. “Tabbruis, it isn’t so easy putting Jack and Jill back together again. I really need to be alone

“Look at me this time, Charmeine…

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Imagine That

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We are just over a month into the preschool year for my son and he brought home and total blast from my elementary school days past: the Scholastic book order!

Who remembers this gem?

This paper flyer used to get passed out when I was a kid at Island School and it seriously was one of my favorite times of the week. I absolutely loved to read as a kid and this Scholastic flyer was like the Mecca for a bookworm like me.

Flash forward 25 years and the whole Babysitter’s Club book series later, and my son is bringing home the same order form – the key to unlocking all of your book ordering dreams!

It still looks the same and smells the same and feels the same. Yes, I smelled it. Glorious memories. Except now there’s an option to order online, making it easy-peasy. And I swear…

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Reading and Author Discussion with Dr. Rebbecca Brown in the AVC Art Gallery

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Reading and Author Discussion

With Dr. Rebbecca Brown

 Friday, October 17, 4:30 pm in the AVC Art Gallery


From the Antelope Valley College Website:

“Rebbecca Brown spent much of her formative years in the Antelope Valley, graduating from Palmdale High School in the early 1990s.  This Friday she will be reading from They Become Her, her first novel, which received Honorable Mention in the 2009-2010 Starcherone Innovative Fiction Contest. Dr. Brown’s poetry, fiction, and essays have previously appeared in American Literary Review, Confrontation, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Eclipse, Requited, H_ngm_n and Ekleksographia (among others).



Humorously ardent and poetically rich, They Become Her tells the story of Delia Bacon, the first to propose that Shakespeare did not write his own works and whose own literary ambition inspired a life filled with fame, fervor, and scandal. In addition to Delia’s…

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Stand Up To Cancer

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17/10/14 – 365 Challenge #290

Late this afternoon I had a doctors appointment for a follow up blood test, prior to my scan in hospital next week. Hopefully the results will show some improvement over a fortnight ago.

This evening Dad brought a Chinese takeaway home for him, Mum and I – Joe’s been out with friends – and then we watched Stand Up To Cancer. The stories are completely heart breaking and we all broke down in flood of tears. Two £10 donations later, we are still miserable, but every penny counts! Gogglebox was the best (as always), followed by Taylor Swift and Jamie Oliver. I had no idea what to expect from that sketch, and it surprised me greatly, but it’s Taylor!


Anyone wanting to donate to Stand Up To Cancer can text FIVE (£5) or TEN (£10) to 70404. Please dig deep so we can beat this…

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